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8 Kundalini Chakra Meditation Course
Gain a deeper insight of the chakras and the power of chant.

Join Hari Kaur Khalsa as she embarks on a unique course to cultivate presence, self awareness and grace with these 8 special guided chakra kundalini meditations. This practice will help you connect to your body, through the chakras and specific areas of the body that hold power and meaning when we bring our attention to them.

Price: $33
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10 one min. Sadhana Meditations

We are super sensitive sensory human beings. Our mental and emotional state can change in an instant! Imagine meeting someone you love on the train unexpectedly. All of a sudden, your heart races, you smile, and your mood changes instantly. These One Minute Mind Shift Sadhana Meditations are designed to have a similar effect on your super sensory system, and bring you to a state of expanded and elevated consciousness quickly. These meditations can show you how you can intentionally shift your consciousness and uplift yourself and others, in just one minute.
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15 min. Kundalini Breath Meditation

In this Kundalini Gong breathing meditation Hari is guiding us into a blissful realm of stillness where one gets transported into another realm of existence. The otherworldly sound of a gong, singing bowls and bells is accompanied with chanting voices by Yeva Don and Michael Stern. Much of our day is occupied by our thinking, which defines and governs us.

In this guided meditation we step beyond all that as we bring our awareness to our breath and glide into deep comfort and listen…
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